MK earring


my laptop has crashed.i've got no mood to go online.

i still can't fidn the right pair of heels/ platform shoes/ wedges
needa go out again in this case. i NEED to get a new pair of shoes to taiwan!!! -awww-

nightmare && funfair 2006

it's raining outside. and i just cried.
i'd rather have dreams not coming true, 'cause i'd never want nightmares came real in my life.

-i'd bring along my mom everywhere from now on-

* * * * * * * * * *
YAY! our funfair is AWESOME =]
people like our store. and i LOVE ours ^^
i am missing the preparation days much. hectic, but really fun^^ slept late, wake up early the other day - fortunate enough, i have companies. (((we broke our record!!! hurrah!! claps to my amazing girls!)))

-stupid photobucket. i'll upload photos later-
BRITNEY and mickey(?)

kimchi... yummy ^^
i love sundays. 9pm - 10 pm. ^o^

great. now it's the EURO cup, not the world cup. lol. that's what my mom said, so don't blame me ^^
haha. -laughing-

kinda stressed out the last week. cos the whole singing competition thing. now, 80% settle.

"Is there any way to make yur nose pointer?". the qs. i ask frequently these days. if anyone knows how (besides doing a nose job), shoot it out.

not feeling too well, so yeah.


i'm sorry i am BORING these days.
yes, you heard me right. B-O-R-I-N-G.

the only thing i care these days are just K-Pop related. i'm sorry that everythign i talk about is K-O-R-E-A-N R-E-A-L-T-E-D. i know i know.

it's like Cady in Mean Girls - she can't stop talking about Regina.
and now, it's joyce can't stop talking about them. yeah.


-hugs- i still <3 you - sa rang hae! >o<
((my bad))

[mood| weird]
[music| Lee Joon (Jun) Ki. One Word.]


yeeeessssss it's over!
i can't believe TWO WEEKS have passed. it's like i'm not quite ready for this.

just wait till my mom come back tonight. lol

i didn't have my holiday planned day-by-day. but i do got several things i wanna achieve. definitely try my best to meet the goals =]

i miss my k-dramas. -tears-
i got like, at least 5 on my waiting-list. hehe

and oooh, new songs on my playlist, finally ^^

- - - - -
(( i hate it when she call me, and "invite" meh. it's hard to refuse! dammit. except i'm standing still this time. *geez* ))
- - - - -

[mood| crazy]
[music| Nan Quan Ma Ma.]

almost over...

-rush post-
only 2 days left for my fu*king exam.

LJ Makeover on/after Friday. -yay-

((i dont have time replying to your comments! i promise i will once i have time ^^))

I am blind

call me stupid.
i know what people think, they think all Paris Hilton's fans are stupid girls.
They shouldn't have pay attention to her && definitely not *worship* Miss H.

unfortunately, i like her.
i think she's beautiful.
i don't understand why people hate her [&& keep emphasizing they are not jealous of "the spoiled bi***"]

image credit:

(( Choose between Paris and Ashlee S. ))
(( SEE?!!!!! I ♥ both girls ))
the song's nice. pop. relaxing.
the music video is, however, horrible.

[mood| excited]
[music| Paris Hilton. Stars Are Blind.]

2006. 06. 06

God's Way
i asked the Lord for a bunch of fresh flowers
but instead God gave me an ugly cactus
with many thorns.

i asked the Lord for some beautiful butterflies
but instead God gave me many ugly worms.

i was threatened,
i was disappointed, i mourned.

but after many days,
suddenly i saw the cactus bloom with many beautiful flowers,
and those worms became beautiful butterflies flying in the spring wind.

God's way is best

= = = = =
i love this poem.

&& good luck to everyone. it's 2006. 06. 06. -laughs-
P.S. i WISH i could go and watch THE OMEN [2006],
unfortunately i still got exams....8 more days to go!
i think i'll simply watch the old version [1976]. i got the vcd xP

[mood| hopeful]
[music| A LOVE TO KILL O.S.T.]